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What Makes a Good Sailing Instructor?

Posted by George Stevens on Sun, Feb 26, 2012 @ 12:02 AM

A very special group of sailors feel the need to share their knowledge and love of sailing with others through sailing instruction. If you enjoy an outdoors life, and are an experienced sailor, you may like to consider teaching people how to sail.

You must have exceptional communications skills, a big heart, and lots of patience and enthusiasm for your students’ growth and professional sailing skills. 

Rigging the outhaul

The right personality and temperament is needed to instruct people how to sail, especially when teaching children. For instance, you will definitely need a lot of patience – it took you years to learn what you know, so you cannot expect your students to become experts within only a few lessons.

As everyone learns in their own way, you will need to be creative as well. Some people learn better through reading, others by speaking about what they are trying to learn. You will need to change your approach from student to student, to get them to understand what it is you are trying to teach them.

Here are some of the personality traits needed to succeed at teaching:

  • Patience -  Don’t expect your students to remember everything you say the first time—often they’ll have to hear it repeatedly and practice it before it sinks in.
  • Flexibility - Mother Nature often dictates your lessons plan for the day so be ready to adjust
  • Creativity - People learn in different ways. Some learn better through language—by reading or hearing something described in words. Some learn only by doing—no matter what you say, they won’t get it until they do it with their own hands. 
  • Trust - your students safety is paramount!

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