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Washington Sailing Marina by water

Posted by George Stevens on Sun, Mar 11, 2012 @ 10:52 AM

The Washington Sailing Marina is located on the Potomac River just south of Reagan National Airport. Getting there by car is quite easy however from the water, one must pay close attention to the channel markers. This is especially true when coming down river from Washington DC. Gone are the days when you could sail into the Marina over the sandbar south of the landing lights of the airport. Regardless of draft, every vessel seeking to navigate into the Washington Sailing Marina must obey the channel markers. You must travel well south past the Marina before you make your turn.

Washington Sailing Marina chart


The entrance markers are up against the Virginia shoreline just above the power plant. Look for red # 2 and green # 3 and follow the red & green buoys directly into the Marina. Your final red buoy is #14. The channel is not wide and close attention must be paid. Once inside the cove, there is approximately 9 to 14 feet of water except at the point directly in front of the Indigo Landing restaurant. Don't even think of sailing toward the landing light pier. This is a huge mud flat and should be avoided even at high tide. The back side of the pennisula offers floating docks, nicely protected from the weather.

Floating docks Washington Sailing Marina

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