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Potomac River Cruises Offer a Look at the Beauty of Nature’s Glitter Patterns

Posted by George Stevens on Wed, Apr 20, 2016 @ 07:27 AM

Glitter patterns, they’re something that draws the eye and baffles young children. They are also perfectly natural, thanks to the laws of physics. NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory’s Physical Sciences Division credits the beautiful glitter patterns found duringPotomac River cruises to sun glints. Native to bodies of water, they’re just another way to describe solar reflections. When the happen in mass, cruise passengers are treated to showcase perfect sunrises, sunsets and other river views. That’s the good part. But there is a dark side to sun glints too.

Like any light reflected off of water bodies, it can be very hard on the eyes, hair and skin. So cruise passengers are encouraged to dress with protection in mind. Wearing sunscreen, UV-resistant clothing, footwear and hats will help tremendously. So will adjusting one’s eyes to avoid direct contact with the water’s surface or the sun. Also, passengers should bear in mind that parts of the Potomac Belle feature shelter from the sun. Examples include the lower deck and restrooms, which are enclosed for comfort.

Plus, there is always the option of booking moonlit, Potomac River cruises. Despite what some folks may tell you, nighttime glitter patterns are inherently mild. Scientists blame it on the moonbeams. Unlike there daytime counterparts, moonbeams do not contain copious amounts of harmful, UV rays. As such, they’ll still create glitter patterns but will go easy on a person’s hair, skin and eyes. So people can stare out at the river in comfort from our blue water yacht’s upper deck whether it’s 7 p.m. or 10 p.m., depending on the sunset time of course.

The moon also rises and sets over the Potomac River at different times of the year. Furthermore, there are bound to be variations based on the moon’s phase. For example, third quarter moons generally remain hidden until midnight. To learn more about glitter patterns and how they add to Potomac River cruises, please contact us.