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Private Boat Charters May Help Companies Break Groupthink Gridlock

Posted by George Stevens on Thu, Jul 09, 2015 @ 09:47 PM

Have your office staff members fallen victim to groupthink? It is a common occurrence that has the potential to cause a number of negative outcomes. For example, it could cause creativity in the office to cease and raise the stress levels of all workers. The good news is groupthink doesn’t have to stick around forever. There are ways to bring creativity back to the office and booking private boat charters is one of them.

For years, scientists have looked at ways to boost creativity, reduce stress, alter mood and change behavior. One element that has consistently been effective at helping people complete all four tasks is nature. Let’s take a look at a 2015 issue of Urban Forestry & Urban Greening an example. It featured a study whose results showed exposure to the great outdoors has the potential to bolster creativity and break old patterns of thinking.

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A 2015 article in Health & Place provides further scientific proof of the benefits that may be gleaned from being outside, particularly when the environment includes water. We’d also suggest reading articles published in Advanced Materials Research (2013) and the book, New Waterscapes: Planning, Building and Designing with Water. They will provide some perspective on the topic as well.

Now that the benefits of being out on the water are clear, it’s easy to see why private boat charters are often excellent at rejuvenating office staff. They offer people a scenic, relaxing way to soak up all of the benefits that the natural environment has to offer. Plus, they can be a lot of fun. For example, you could treat everyone to mock cocktails and dinner.

Private boat charters don’t have to be all about fun and games though. They are ideal places to hold strategy meetings too. And yes, it is possible to arrange non-alcoholic beverage service for those types of corporate events. To learn more about breaking up groupthink with a mind-altering cruise on the Potomac River, please contact us.