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Smiles Bloom with the Cherry Trees Aboard Washington DC Yacht Charters

Posted by George Stevens on Fri, Feb 10, 2017 @ 03:53 PM


cherry b.jpg 

Members of the Prunus genus are among the most loved trees in America and perhaps no city adores them more than Washington, DC. The DC locals and outsiders alike are thrilled by the trees’ blossoms. As such, many people set up watch parties, parades and Washington DC yacht charters around the time the trees are expected to be in full bloom.

Admittedly, the area around the city’s many cherry trees can get a bit crowded. So oftentimes, one of the best ways to view the blossoms is to board a Washington DC yacht charter. Washington DC yacht charters are available while the city’s vegetation is at the height of seasonal color and beyond. And the one that offers the best views of the city is the lovely Potomac Belle.

She’s a custom, bi-level gem that seats 35 tops and boasts several important features. Among them are catering prep and service areas meant to provide refreshments for blossom watchers.  Because all refreshments aboard the Potomac Belle are brought in, there’s ample opportunity to customize the menu to highlight any event.

For example, groups visiting Washington during cherry blossom time may want to ask their respective caterers to serve dishes like roast duck with cherries or Shirley Temple cocktails. Of course with the great taste and acidity cherries provide, the area’s best caterers can make the menu possibilities seem virtually endless.

Although the gorgeous flowers may be seen from both decks, the best views are obviously captured from the upper level. It accommodates 25 cherry blossom fans at a time. We’d suggest bringing one’s digital camera to the top deck because trust us, most camera phones won’t do the spectacular view justice. And don’t forget those shades! Washington DC yacht charters are best enjoyed on the sunniest of days.

To learn more about booking one before cherry blossom season ends, please contact the Potomac Belle Yacht’s crew today.