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The Age Of Sail - Why Learn to Sail?

Posted by George Stevens on Sat, Apr 21, 2012 @ 08:40 AM

Sailing. The timeless art of moving a vessel across the water using nothing but the power of the wind. This ancient form of transportation remained the dominate mode of travel for thousands of years. Sail powered vessels plowed the waters of the first trade routes in theMediterranean. Thousands of years later, the great sailing warships of the English Armada dominated the western world. Sailing vessels carried and created the colonies in theAmericas, forever changing this history of the world. Since the dawAt anchor in the BVI'sn of civilization, sails have dominated the horizon of the endless sea.

The sailboats of our ancestors changed the world on more than one occasion. A sailboat represents man's desire to explore, quest for the unknown, and challenge oneself. Humankind's affiliation withMotherOceanand the wind is responsible for more conflict, adventure, loss, and discovery than any other single aspect of human nature.

So even though it is an "obsolete" form of travel, many people today are still driven to cast off the bowlines and raise sail to the wind. Sailing never actually went away ... it just evolved. Even though sailboats became an obsolete way to travel and transport, people just couldn't abandon the ancient call of the ocean and the lure of the sail anymore then they could ignore their desire to eat and sleep. Recreational sailboats quickly became a common past time all over the world. The small sailboat became a symbol of elegance and freedom.

Go to any body of water on a sunny, breezy day and you'll undoubtedly see a small regatta of sailboats silently ghosting along gently pushed as if by magic. Their movements hypnotize the imagination and whisper tales of adventure from the high seas. This is the call that millions of people have heard throughout the ages. It is the call of the ocean. And she still calls as strong as ever.

And it is not hard to understand why. When you first set foot upon a sailboat, you feel a connection with the sailors who first laid eyes upon the New World, the ancient humans hauling fish in the Mediterranean, the trade ships following the seasonal trade routes across the Atlantic and the mighty warships that helped to build nations and explore the entire world. But you will also feel a connection with something much more immediate ... the world around you.

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