Learn To Cruise

"Have you ever dreamed about chartering your own yacht on the Chesapeake Bay or in the British Virgin Islands? " 

BVI anchorage

  • Over the course, here's what you'll learn:

    • Advanced sailing theory: Learn how to fully harness and control your yacht’s sails, keel, rudder and crew weight.

    • Managing tides, currents and weather: What does your boat draw, dealing with tides and river currents.

    • Sail shape and rig control: Properly controlling the mast and sail shapes enhances your boat control for fun and safety.

    • Motoring in close quarters: maneuvering in and out of marina slips, picking up moorings and docking.

    • Sail changes under way: Learn how to safely change headsails when the conditions change.

    • Heaving to: How to get your sailboat to tend herself while you attend to something or just relax.

    • Reefing underway: Safely reducing sail when the wind comes up quickly while you are out sailing.

    • Person overboard recovery drills: How to manage a recovery in stronger breezes and in different situations. This is the key safety skill for skippers.

    • Anchorages and anchoring: Become confident to explore and use all the anchorages when sailing on your own.

    • Handling emergencies: The most common emergencies and how to manage them according to best practices learned over generations. These are invaluable problem-solving skills. 

    • Course plotting and fixes: Determining position and course; measuring distance; calculating estimated time of arrival; navigational aids and rules-of-the road.

    • Systems:  Fuel systems, electrical systems, water.


    Two locations from which to choose.

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Learn to Cruise 14 Sat - Sun
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