Youth Sailing Camp Response to


Belle Haven Marina Youth Sailing Camp Modifications in Response to COVID -19


Last updated 8.2.2021


The CDC and Virginia Department of Health are currently updating their recommendations for summer and day camps. We will update our policies accordingly as necessary.

Sailing Camp has always been a highlight of summer for our campers. While this summer is still a bit different, it will still be great! The goal is to provide a fun learning environment for sailing while minimizing the risk of virus exposure for our campers and our staff. Please review the following information and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are monitoring the changing guidance regularly and will adjust our protocols as needed.

Health and Safety


The health and safety of our campers and staff will remain our top priority. Camp staff will follow safety requirements outlined by the National Park Service, the Centers for Disease Control, Virginia Department of Health, and Fairfax County Health Department. Signage is posted to remind campers and staff of appropriate social distancing and good hygiene practices.

Staff and campers are asked not to attend camp if they not feeling well or exhibiting any illness symptoms whether possibly COVID-19 related or not for at least 24 hours after being symptom-free. If a staff member or camper has had any COVID-related symptoms or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please contact the marina at 703-768-0018 and please do not return to camp until symptom-free for 10 days. Marina staff will let staff and campers’ families know if a camper may have come into contact with the person thought to have or who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 so staff and campers can self-quarantine for 10 days.

Camp staff will:

  • Be screened every day prior to campers arriving to include temperature checks and health screenings, which are recorded

  • Wear masks when appropriate and safe to do so on land and when inside, regardless of vaccination status, but not on the water; wearing masks on boats poses a safety hazard. Our motto is “Life jackets on, face masks down.”

  • Be trained to keep the environment clean and safe for themselves and campers including replenishing hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies for common-area use

  • Remind campers to practice good social distancing and monitor campers for COVID-19 symptoms throughout the day and isolate any camper who exhibits symptoms. Parents/guardians will be notified for immediate pick-up if any camper becomes ill during camp.

  • Periodically wipe down the restrooms and frequent-touch surfaces such as the water cooler station, door knobs, hand rails, etc., with disinfectant. National Park Service staff are also performing a deep clean on all GWMP bathrooms twice per day.


Campers will:

  • Be screened every day prior to camp beginning to include temperature checks and health screenings, which are recorded. Campers, please stay in your vehicle for these check-ins. Staff will wear a face covering and gloves for these screenings. We ask that parents/guardians stay in their cars at all times for drop-off and pick-up.

  • Bring their own face masks and wear them when on land and when inside, regardless of vaccination status, but not on the water; wearing masks on boats poses a safety hazard. Our motto is “Life jackets on, face masks down.”

  • Maintain appropriate social distance of at least 6 feet whenever possible, not gather with other campers, not share towels, and not share food

  • Bring their own water bottles and label all personal items with first and last names to avoid any mix-ups

  • Be required to frequently wash their hands and/or use provided hand sanitizer which will be set up around the marina including the water cooler, picnic tables, boat launch area, etc.


Camp Forms

All forms will be emailed to parents/guardians in advance of camp; please complete and return electronically. All forms must be completed before arriving for camp.

Camp Structure and Inclement Weather Policy

  • Instructors/counselors will be assigned to the same students throughout the week. On Sunfish: 2 campers and 1 instructor hopping on and off as needed. Everyone will have the same partner all week. On Flying Scots: 3 or 4 campers and 1 instructor; same group and instructor all week.

  • Family members will be kept together if possible. Please note family members must be registered for the same type and level of camp.

  • As needed and as determined by the camp director, sailing groups may rotate between sailboats, kayaks, and paddleboards, which may become necessary if wind conditions require a reduction in the number of sailboats on the water at one time.

  • All camp activities will be conducted outdoors unless inclement weather arises, in which case we will move indoors. When indoors, everyone will be required to wear a face mask. Disposable face masks will be kept on hand for emergency use. Parents/guardians will be alerted by phone that we have moved inside as it can be difficult for campers to maintain proper social distancing under those circumstances and you may choose to pick your camper up. Staff will remain with campers at all times for the duration of the camp sessions, even if indoors.


Boats and Equipment

  • All boats are numbered and campers will be assigned to the same boat each day. If it becomes necessary to switch boats, the new boat will be disinfected prior to campers getting onboard.

  • Equipment that is not on the boats (dagger boards, sails, etc.) will be handed out by a staff member who has washed their hands and is wearing a face covering.

  • Life jackets are sanitized after each use, but we encourage you to bring your own personal life jacket if you have one. Please note, if you borrow one from the marina, it may still be wet from sanitizing.

  • We clean and sanitize all marina vessels, gear, equipment, life jackets, and storage areas after each use using the CDC’s-recommended and National Park Service-approved bleach solution.