A note from George Stevens:

After 35+ wonderful years, I am retiring as President of Belle Haven Marina Inc.  It has been my privilege to interact with thousands of adults and children to foster this community of recreation, fun, and exploration in our Alexandria backyard.  

I am writing today to let you know that Tim Staples, owner of Marine Evolutions Inc. has been awarded the contract to run Belle Haven Marina for the next 10 years. Tim is a great guy and is looking forward to his time here. I will be helping with the transition. Tim has asked the entire staff to stay on so you will continue to see familiar faces at the marina. Tim will be in touch soon with his vision for the marina.

It has been my pleasure running the marina over the past decades and making lasting friendships. I will continue teaching both sailing and powerboating at Belle Haven Marina as soon as safely possible. Please join me in thanking the marina staff and all of you for making Belle Haven Marina such a special place.

Looking to see you on the water soon,

George Stevens - President
Belle Haven Marina Inc.
(703) 768-0018






Sailing is the perfect activity for anyone who enjoys water sports and outdoor recreation. Sailing can be exciting or relaxing. You can compete in racing or take a leisurely sail with family and friends. Regardless of age, ability or limitation, sailing has something for everyone.

Our 3:1 student to instructor ratio, beautiful location and great boats are just a few reasons to sail with us. With a dedicated staff of people-oriented, professional sailors, we welcome the opportunity to show you just how much fun you can have sailing.

Give us a call (703) 768-0018 and we would be delighted to answer your questions. 

 Why do I love sailing!

Fun to watch


Sail a boat TV

Excellent video on The Physics of Sailing

US Sailing - Helping Sailors Succeed  

Not exactly our Learn to Sail Course, but fun to watch!


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